About me

Jack Kabey portrait

Our attention is just dying of thirst from hopelessness. Our minds are suffering from obesity, fat-fed and malnourished with digital junk that the media dumps into our cerebral convolutions every day. If we were ever rational minds, we are now just consumer zombies smothered by pseudo-morality, clicking our way through online Hades in search of a cure for our spiritual depression.

Jack Kabey is not as important as his readers.

With his critical reports and analyses, Jack Kabey relentlessly puts his finger into the wounds of our time and accompanies us on an exciting journey behind the curtain of our lives, illuminating with the necessary pinch of humor the deepest corners of the rabbit hole we call our lives.

For over three decades, he was a security advisor and strategy consultant for public institutions and international trading companies. Today, he is a freelance writer and publicist.

Jack Kabey is an avatar, his name a pseudonym. The author simply wants to keep his identity to himself so that he can devote all his energy to researching and writing. His work is mostly financed by donations. He lives in Manarola / Italy.