A Letter to the world

A Letter to the world

Actually, all of our lives should be getting easier and more pleasant. But it doesn’t. Life is getting more and more expensive, dealing with authorities more and more complicated, information more and more fragmented, lies more and more shameless, relationships more and more complex, the media more and more one-sided, mantras more and more nonsensical, and the rifts in society deeper and deeper. It’s time to take stock.

The mighty of this world wish to change the world. Without these changes, our future, the future of all mankind, is in danger. It is only for our best. The powerful of this world say we are threatened by wars, hunger, terror, poverty, injustice, disease, unemployment and the rays of the sun. They say they have worked out a solution. Their solution is called Agenda 2030.

But this small group owns more than half of the entire world and became even richer during Corona. All the companies and businesses that went bust around the world because of the Corona measures are now being bought up by these powerful people at bargain prices.

The powerful make a pig’s money from wars, trade our grain on the stock markets, own most of the arable land, and they own the biggest media houses and the forests that supply the wood for the paper. They determine what news we hear and what the world talks about. They determine who and what is hot right now and who and what is not. They talk about freedom of opinion and freedom of the press, and at the same time they attack everything that has a different opinion from theirs.

They fight fires that they themselves have set and then let themselves be celebrated as benefactors and do-gooders. They fight the hatred and agitation that they themselves breed, produce, promote and spread. They pretend to want to make the world a fairer place, but anyone who sees through the lie is insulted, blocked and beaten up.

They own luxury airplanes, live in huge villas, party on even bigger yachts and talk about sustainability. We are supposed to think about our consumer behavior while they grab our data all over the net to plaster the world with lying advertising, to create decadent needs, to push their trash on us, which we then pile up into gigantic mountains of garbage and dump into the sea because it is no good or simply no longer trendy. The packaging has more nutritional value than the contents, but is just as toxic.

Global warming is just political marketing, with which the steps to the temple of power are laid out. We have not had to discuss environmental protection for a long time, I have never met anyone who does not think it is right and important. But now we argue about climate and weather and all scientists who also try to point out natural cycles are turned off the microphone and chased off the stage as climate deniers. If they are right, however, we will all soon be standing there with our pants down and really fucked.

The powerful now also want to pollinate the sky, with the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) solar rays are to be reflected back into space. An experiment with unpredictable consequences. If it goes wrong, we don’t even have to complain, because after all, we caused climate change. The fact that this will then no longer play any role at all is blinded out by all those involved.

We also prefer to talk about violence, especially violence against women and toxic masculinity, rather than the fact that money is the main cause of strife in the world. The powerful delude us that this is precisely why equality, education, work and fair wages are important goals. As if money ever came from work. Those who have money have inherited it, won it or stolen it.

Besides money, we also like to talk about love. What kind of love? Is it love for fat bank accounts, fast cars, high social status or round brown plastic tits? From chronic cheaters to serial monogamists to caged animal tenants – for all of them, love is just a means to an end. Like Zalando, we want the best for as little money as possible; what doesn’t fit gets exchanged, adjusted with emotional terror, or thrown away. We don’t want to be a family, we just want to have one to be able to show it. Knowledge is power and how do we get knowledge? Through relationships – one-sided dependency relationships are best.

In this way, knowledge and power always remain in the same circle. The elite does not put up with the common working people. The Indians are often criticized for their religious caste system, but the fact that we have an economic caste system is of course something completely different. Of course, there are exceptions – Snow White became plastic titties, even presidents, federal councillors and chancellors bring back a lost shoe.

How could it have come to this? You may be asking yourself. I don’t know, are you asking yourself? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far. Just that I mentioned this briefly, I like you already. I think it all started with the invention of religion. Now they know why I was buttering them up before. That was really a brilliant masterstroke of the powerful. The belief in a supernatural divine existence that we can neither see, hear, smell, feel nor taste. Without any proof. Whoever even dared to think about the bumpy facts was a truth denier. It is not the faith or God in itself, – but the image of God and our way of believing, which became the core problem.

We stopped searching a long time ago because we believe we have already found. And to all those who think they have overcome the classical religions anyway, I say: remove your self-righteous smiles from your faces, because your interreligious Tetris with picked out raisins has nothing at all to do with the search for truth. It is nothing more than pseudo-spiritual masturbation.

With religions, all the problems we have today were implanted and have been part of our identity, culture, perception and understanding of our world and our place in it for thousands of years. Religions are the foundation of our media, education, health, banking, power and social systems.

The temples, churches and mosques were the first media companies and the holy books their newspapers. The rabbis and priests were the first newsreel reporters. The religions defined the morals, the law, and they also defined the basics at the same time. So we have been trained not to question fundamentals, experts and the stories they tell us, and simply to believe them. For otherwise it cannot be explained that nobody noticed that the churches and mosques became bigger and bigger, while for the poor only a bowl of soup was left. Religion became the state and the gods were exchanged. There was never a separation, the cold milk was only well stirred in the hot coffee, now the lines of contact are not so easy to discern.

So today we also believe the doctors and politicians that they are only concerned about our health, although the entire healthcare system only functions with a sick society and yields really fat returns. Our medical knowledge doubles every 72 hours, and yet people have probably never been so sick. Nearly one in four suffers from recurring chronic pain, one in five has an anxiety disorder, and one in eight suffers from depression. You really don’t have to be the brightest candle on the cake to realize that something is going hugely wrong here. Speaking of cake: By 2025, the Chinese healthcare system will collapse because there will be too many type 2 diabetes patients. Sugar is one of the main causes of most diseases of civilization, but it too is traded on the stock market.

Of course, the powerful also tell us success stories. Hunger and poverty would become less. But if we look more closely, we find that they have merely adjusted the definition. Abracadabra.

If they are among the people who have long since seen through this game, they have nevertheless been taken in by a lie. Probably the biggest lie of all: We believe that we are powerless and can do nothing about it. If that were the case, would they try to suppress all critical voices so systematically and vehemently?

To be continued…

Jack Kabey

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