The Emperor’s Strategy

The Emperor’s Strategy

Chances multiply when you seize them. This is even more true if you orchestrate them yourself. There is no greater advantage than being able to anticipate future events – how do you do this? By planning them yourself. What is currently taking place is the repetition of a play that was first enacted 2000 years ago with the burning of Rome. Tabula rasa – a new start of the super rich of this world disguised as a crisis.
They call it: The Great Reset.

The 60s of the first century had it all. In Rome, the rampant decadence of the few lives side by side with the abject poverty of the many under the same canopy. In the Roman Empire, one war front follows another, and in the imperial palace, wives murder their husbands and husbands murder their wives in order to come to power or to stay in power. Rome is symbolic of the world. The tides of the rising powers are constantly crashing against the shores of the peoples who, whether in victory or defeat, pay dearly with their bloodlines.

The peoples of the earth stagger, dazed by world-weariness and drunk on ecstatic performances, towards the golden horizon of their hope, knowing full well that they will never reach it. Power always follows money and money always follows blood. Payment is always made in blood, the oldest and ultimately only currency since the beginning of time. There is nothing new under the sun.

Circus Maximus

In the middle of Rome, in the Calcutta of Europe of its time, stood the Temple of the Games, the Circus Maximus, a kind of hippodrome, the largest entertainment arena ever built by man in the world. A completely developed area with an incredibly generous racecourse, including stores, street food, bars and clubs, laundries but also warehouses, brothels, exchange offices, betting offices and of course bookmakers. Visitor capacity 300’000 spectators.

Here there were horse and chariot races, gladiator fights, animal fights, manhunts, executions, war games, even entire battles were re-enacted. Here everyone fought against everyone. Man against man, man against beast, beast against beast, life against death.

For the animal fights mainly exotic animals from all corners of the earth, from Africa, the Middle East and India were carted to Rome. Lions, tigers, panthers, leopards, ostriches, antelopes, bears and elephants. Over time, the events became larger and larger and more and more expensive. Even before the turn of time, under Emperor Sulla (138 – 78 BC), 100 lions were forced into the arena to be killed and torn apart by African archers and their own desperate conspecifics in a death struggle that lasted hours. Power follows money, money follows blood, and blood follows death.

In the imperial period, organized hunts also appeared; for example, Nero had elite cavalrymen slaughter hundreds of bears and lions. Last but not least – and probably most popular – the Romans invented the execution method Damnatio ad bestias, in which the condemned were sewn in bloody animal skins by lions, tigers, bears or elephants, mauled alive, eaten and killed.

In our time, the rulers have made a Circus Maximus out of the whole world, and through the media we all take a daily seat in the ranks of the amphitheater of barbaric injustice. In times long past we were hunters and gatherers, today we are only consumers and spectators. And when, for once, we are not just spectators, then we are the moralizers on duty and really get in the mood and feel good in the cloak of self-righteousness.

The fact that one day we could all end up in the Circi of the Circus Maximus ourselves and be thrown to the masses is something that some people still haven’t understood and others have capitulated to the cruelty. Today, in the arena of social media, people are tormented, economically executed, burned by the media, and hounded to suicide. The price of entertainment is blood and life.

Rome was hopelessly overpopulated, and security was a constant issue. Fires were nothing new for the city, which burned as many as 100 times a day. The inner-city areas around the Roman Forum, the Field of Mars and the Palatine were particularly at risk. Crime was very high. Protection rackets and kidnappings were the order of the day. The city was particularly unsafe at night because there was no street lighting.

3D map of ancient Rome around 100 A.D. The Colosseum was completed in 73.

Emperor Augustus had introduced the Vigiles and the Cohortes. The Vigiles, a force of night watchmen, were the first fire department in Europe. The Cohortes urbanae were used to fight gang crime and quell riots. Even the first police force in history was strictly military.

The fire of Rome

In Nero’s time (54-68 AD), the Roman Empire surrounded the entire Mare Nostrum, was home and destiny to 60 million souls, and was equivalent to the population of Italy today. Temperatures at the turn of the first millennium were two degrees higher than today(!). The climate optimum of the Roman period led to extensive agriculture, livestock rich harvests, even in the south of Britain olive trees flourished and vineyards were planted everywhere.

According to a new study, the Mediterranean Sea during the Roman Empire was 2 °C warmer than the average temperatures at that time. The warm period immensely promoted the economic flourishing and rise of Rome. The warmest climate in the last 2,000 years was not a catastrophe, as we are told today with a crowbar, but a blessing.

All life moves in cycles. Solar variations, changes in atmospheric greenhouse gas or sulfur content due to natural or anthropogenic forcings, or internal variations in the coupled ocean-atmosphere system have been cited as the main causes of climate change. Magnetism was rarely cited, and evidence for links between climate and magnetic field variations received little attention. Many an avoidable current crisis has been staged like the burning of Rome.

But now we turn to that fateful night in July 64 AD. The inhabitants of Rome slept in their beds in the heart of the mighty empire. Unaware of the evil that was preparing to unfold in the shadows of the full silver moon, a plan that would shape the history of us all and change the face of Rome forever.

The pale aluminum glow of the Roman goddess Luna gave way more and more to a warm golden orange, the color of fire. The wind carried first a crackling and pattering through the narrow alleys of the six-story rows of wooden houses of the city of millions, then a snorting and roaring. The silence of the tropical night was broken first by dogs barking, then by screams. Disaster took its course, whipping flames like a thousand chariots through the city, into every street, every house, every room, every soul. The sky meanwhile flickered through the flames and smoke in a Venetian red, like the color of the coats as worn in emperors and executioners but also the color of the blood of the lions and tigers slaughtered by the thousands in the Circus.

For it was precisely in this murderous place that the fire broke out in the offices of the Circus Maximus and quickly spread to the stands, which were made of wood. Fanned by the wind, the flames very quickly engulfed the entire stadium and from there spread to adjacent neighborhoods. It seemed as if the souls of the killed elephants, bears and panthers had escaped from the Circus and for the sake of their justice were now thrusting their deathly angry paws deep into the chest of Rome, wrestling down their tormentors and tearing the flesh from their bones while they were still alive.

The fire ate its way through the city for nine days until it finally settled down and went out. Out of 14 districts, only four were spared. Thousands perished in the flames, hundreds of thousands were homeless. The least lost were those who had nothing. The people blamed Emperor Nero for the devastation, claiming that he had set the fire for his own pleasure. To refute these accusations and appease the people, Nero blamed the Christians for the fire. The emperor ordered the arrest of some members of the sect who, under torture, accused others until the entire Christian population was guilt-ridden and became fair game for retaliatory measures.

Nero made his own gardens available for the spectacle. Those condemned to death were sewn into skins of wild animals and tortured to death by dogs or nailed to crosses and when the day ended, set on fire and burned to serve as evening lighting. Nearly 800 Christians are said to have fallen victim to Nero. In the First Letter of Clement, written in 96, it is reported that under Nero, Peter and Paul also endured persecution and struggle to the point of death. Paul was beheaded in 64 and Peter was crucified upside down three years later at his own request, he did not want to be equated with the Lord.

The strategy of the emperor

After the burning of Rome, the impossible was now miraculously possible. Nero killed seven birds with one stone. The fire was his Great Reset. From the ashes of the fire rose an even more spectacular Rome. A city of marble and stone with wide streets, fire walls, pedestrian passages, and plenty of water to put out future fires. The debris from the fire was used to replenish the malaria infested swamps that had plagued the city for generations. Nero was what we now call a philanthropist, a benefactor and fair judge of guilty Christians. He was a gifted architect and was able to remake Rome from the ground up to his liking, and his name was thus forever inscribed in the history books.

The parallels to today just jump out at you. «The secret of speculation: buy when the blood flows in the streets. » The saying of the financier Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild does not even half describe the strategy that power-hungry people use, because you get to power not through reaction, but action. The emperor’s strategy does not wait until an opportunity presents itself, it creates and plans it right away. The truth is much more unscrupulous than we can imagine. «The secret of speculation: make sure that blood flows in the streets – then buy.»

Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, boiled the strategy down to two words: «creative destruction». Hunt or be hunted! Call for murder and unleash the dogs of war. Crises are opportunities and the best thing about crises is that you can design, plan and produce them yourself.

«We decide something, put it in the room and wait a while to see what happens. If there is no great clamor and no uproar, because most people do not understand what has been decided, then we continue – step by step, until there is no turning back».

Former President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker.

Every year, new crises are conjured up and appeals are made to act in solidarity.

Today, the media and the NGOs are the wind that, on behalf of the shadow powers, fan the flames of reason-castrated ideologies and, carrying them into the cities, cause ever greater fires. Whether climate, financial, corona, energy or refugee crisis, everywhere the same arsonists stand in the nightly shadows and desire to inflame the world city, so that it may be reborn, like a phoenix from the ashes. All current crises are artificially created, inflated and homemade.

The Climate Crisis – Climate change is as old as the Earth’s history and occurs cyclically. Science that asks unbiased and independent questions is not agenda compliant and is declared unscientific, gets its public funding cut off and its microphone turned off. Ideology never seeks solutions, only power.

The financial crisis is homemade. The impending financial crash is no coincidence. Some of the undesirable economic and political developments go back decades. Financialization – the disproportionate growth of the financial sector compared to other sectors of the economy and the multiplication of stock market turnover now clearly exceeds the volume of global trade in goods. Redistribution – The share of wages is decreasing while profits are increasing. The gap between rich and poor is widening and widening.

The Covid 19 crisis is dripping with inconsistencies. Starting with the origin and proof of the virus, neither of which has been clarified or provided, the extremely questionable infection and death figures, the production, distribution, profits and corporate involvement of politicians in the masks, the benefits of masks and lockdowns, the one-sided reporting, to the development of vaccines in record time and the concealment of side effects and all other socio-economic collateral damage. The super-rich are the real winners of the Corona crisis, their share of the population’s wealth has risen to record levels during the pandemic, and state responses to the virus have shifted the balance of power toward China, but just mentioning this is enough to get blocked on social media channels.

The energy crisis is homemade. Energy demand is increasing due to the rising world population and is being driven up even further by e-mobility forced by the energy transition, while at the same time supply is being artificially throttled to maximize profits and electricity production is becoming dangerously unstable. This is not incompetence, it is intentional.

The refugee crisis – one percent of the world’s population, owns almost half of the world’s wealth. It is precisely these super-rich who are fleecing the third world like a fattening goose and smuggling millions of refugees into Europe with a global network of NGOs. The same 1% presents us with Agenda 2030, the roadmap of the Great Reset, calling on us to leave no one behind. Nevertheless, inequality between rich and poor is worsening both globally and within individual countries.

The impending food crisis – also raises many questions. Isn’t it strange that Russia is now being blamed for everything bad in the world? Everything is suddenly becoming more expensive and Russia is supposed to be to blame? In general, all food seems to come from or via Ukraine to Europe. Those who answer the questions via the ideological reflex arc installed by the media come to Putin, for everyone else it becomes increasingly clear:

« These six crises have one thing in common – they legitimize restrictive measures in all areas of life for the (apparent) safety of us all, and thus this 1% takes absolute control. In the meantime, the media daily fuel the trench warfare on the sideshows – equality, gender, racism, corona and climate alarmism, toxic masculinity, left-right… divide and conquer. Those who sleep in democracy wake up in a dictatorship. »

The strategy of today is that of the emperor: first drive everything to the wall, i.e. burn it down, and then take control, extend a helping hand to the people and rebuild everything from scratch, but to their own advantage.

I have deliberately omitted references to sources in the individual short crisis statements, firstly because I will be dealing with these crises in detail in the near future and secondly because I would like to motivate them to go on a search themselves. I have always found the doors with the inscription «No entry» the most interesting.

Thank you very much for your attention

Jack Kabey

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